Special Hobby 100-SH32033 Nakajima Ki-27Kó Nate "Nomonhan Aces" in 1:32

Special Hobby 100-SH32033 Nakajima Ki-27Kó Nate
Special Hobby 100-SH32033 Nakajima Ki-27Kó Nate "Nomonhan Aces" in 1:32

We started to offer one of the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Force legends, A5M2b Claude two months ago.
The sales of the kit are very good. If this persists we`ll need to prepare re-edition or different version of this kit.
Now is the time for the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force and another legend this time Ki-27 Nate. IJAAF
chose Ki-27 after several rounds of new fighter aircraft competition in 1937. It replaced the obsolete Ki-10
biplanes in the line. New Ki-27s were extremely maneuverable. They were deployed in China, Nomonhan
conflict against Soviet Union (Chalkin-Gol) and during World War 2 they participated in Malay, Burma
and with several units the type persisted up to 1943. Manchukuo license production of Ki-27 lasted until 1942
when it was in production replaced by Ki-79 trainer based on Ki-27. The allies` assigned Ki-27 code name
Nate (originally named Abdul in Burma).
The kit of this fighter aircraft was never
produced in 1/32 scale as injected
plastic kit. The new release by Special
Hobby contains four sprues
with plastic parts, injected canopy,
highly detailed resin and photo-etched
parts. Decals included offer three
machines that participated
in Nomonhan conflict (Russo-Japan).
Many IJAAF aces flew on Ki-27s, such
as Isamu Kashiide, Toshio Matsumura
and Shintaro Kashima.